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Legal Momentum News Brief, our newsletter, highlights the work of the organization, providing an interesting and challenging look at current legal and political issues critical to the advancement of women and girls. The publication, which reaches an audience of 8,000 supporters and allied organizations, also outlines the challenges that lie ahead in the struggle for women's rights.

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    • Legal Momentum Calls for Stronger Action on Domestic Violence
    • Department of Education Opens Investigation into Brown University in Response to Legal Momentum’s Complaint
    • Celebrating the 20th Birthday of the Violence Against Women Act
    • #HappyBirthdayVAWA Campaign Results in More Than 400 Social Media Posts
    • Celebrating 30 Years of Life-Changing Legislation in Washington, D.C.
    • Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault
    • Legal Momentum Files Amicus in Young v. UPS
    • Legal Momentum in the News on
    • Carol Robles Román, Lisalyn Jacobs, and Kim Gandy Appointed to #ProtectAllWomen Leadership Network
    • Carol Robles Román Profiled in LEADERS Magazine
    • National Association of Women Lawyers Honors Legal Momentum at “Night of Giving”
    • Judges’ Journal Article on the Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
    • Lynn Hecht Schafran Honored with ABA’s Sharon L. Corbitt Award
    • Legal Momentum Helps Immigrant Domestic Violence Survivors
    • Why Not My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper?
    • Legal Momentum Files Title IX Complaint In Brown University Sexual Assault Case
    • Legal Momentum Welcomes New President & CEO, Carol Robles-Román
    • G. Elaine Wood Elected Chair of Legal Momentum Board
    • Nearly 600 Support Legal Momentum’s Work at 14th Annual Aiming High Awards Luncheon
    • Legal Momentum Works with Sen. Blumenthal on Bill to Protect DV Survivors
    • Lynn Hecht Schafran Honored at EVAWI International Conference
    • Educating Congress about Domestic Violence and Economic Issues
    • White House Equal Pay Day Actions
    • Legal Momentum Participates in White House Summit on Working Families
    • Courts Affirm Legal Momentum's Briefs
    • Women of Achievement Awards Dinner a Great Success
    • Aiming High Awards Luncheon to Take Place in New York in April
    • New York City Discriminates against Pregnant Police Officer
    • Duane Reade Pregnancy Discrimination Case
    • A Court Victory for Our Women Sheet Metal Workers
    • NJEP Presents on Language and Sexual Assault to State Judicial Groups
    • Addressing the Issue of Gender-Based Violence
    • Updates to Key Poverty Reports Gain Media Attention
    • Equality Works Launches “Tradeswomen’s Tuesdays” Visibility Campaign
    • Ensuring Effective Implementation of WANTO
    • Promoting Girls’ Participation in Career and Technical Education
    • CUNY Panel on Women and Career Pathways
    • Strategies That Work to Remove Barriers
    • Upcoming State and National Summits on Work/Family Issues
    • Training on Gender Justice
    • Lynn Hecht Schafran to Receive EVAWI’s Visionary Award
    • Equality Works Graduate Intern Grace Boone
    • Women: A Celebration of Strength Still Available
    • Lisalyn Jacobs Writes about How Policy Can Empower Survivors of Domestic Violence
    • New Pregnancy Discrimination Laws
    • Affordable Care Act Enrollment Deadline Is March 31st
    • Enhancing Safety: A Guide to Identifying Services
    • Legal Momentum to Represent Women Sheet Metal Workers
    • Legal Momentum Files Amicus in Housing Discrimination Case
    • Amicus Curiae Brief Filed in Lozano vs. Montoya Custody Case
    • Legal Momentum to File Amicus Brief in Montana Rape Case
    • Castleman Case Highlights Issue of Guns in Domestic Violence
    • New Medical Forensics Model Curriculum Launched
    • Guide for College Discipline Panels on Sexual Violence
    • NJEP Continues to Educate about Language and Sexual Violence
    • Legal Momentum Testifies in Hearing on Women in Fire Department, City of New York
    • Supporting the Labor Department’s Work to Enforce Anti-Discrimination Laws
    • Department of Justice Rolls Out New Workplace Violence Policy
    • Elizabeth Grayer Steps Down as President
    • Former Legal Momentum Volunteer Jennifer Liu Joins Outten & Golden in San Francisco
    • Women: A Celebration of Strength Still Available
    • Women of Achievement Awards Dinner to Take Place in San Francisco in March
    • Aiming High Awards Luncheon to Take Place in New York in April
    • Women’s Rights Groups Call on U.S. to Improve Response to Domestic Violence
    • NJEP Releases New Language Curriculum: Raped or “Seduced”?
    • New Poverty Report Highlights the Need for a Stronger Social Safety Net
    • Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship Meets in Washington
    • New York City Adopts Pregnancy Rights Law
    • Judicial Misconduct Complaint in Montana Statutory Rape Case
    • Legal Momentum Intern Featured on
    • On Equal Terms Art Exhibit Celebrates Tradeswomen
    • New Book on Intimate Partner Sexual Violence
    • New York City Bar Panel on 35 Years of the PDA
    • Women in Prison Threatened with Relocation Far from Family Ties
    • News from around the Nation
    • New Report on Single Parenthood in the United States
    • Promoting Registered Apprenticeships As a Pathway to High-Paying Work
    • Legal Momentum Welcomes a New Ms. JD Fellow
    • News From around the Nation
    • Legal Momentum Offers Expertise and New Resources on Pregnancy Discrimination
    • Domestic Violence and Guns—Educating on the Laws
    • Legal Momentum’s NJEP Joins Human Trafficking and the State Courts Collaborative
    • Shocking House Vote Cuts Food Stamp Program from Agriculture Bill
    • Supreme Court Cases at End of Term – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    • Legal Momentum Reports on Harmful New SNAP Legislation
    • Women’s Equality in the Workplace
    • Career and Technical Education School Success
    • Continuing to Educate the Legal System on Sexual Assault
    • Legal Momentum has another Spectacular Aiming High Event
    • Legal Momentum Welcomes New Personnel
    • Legal Momentum--Speaking on Pay Equity
    • TANF Participation of Eligible Families is Falling – but from Obstacles to Access, Not Less Need
    • TANF Misery Index Higher
    • WOW Foundation Taps Legal Momentum’s Expertise on Single Mothers and Poverty
    • Discussing Prosecutors’ Decisions on Charging Sexual Offenses
    • Bringing Attention to the Domestic Violence Issue in Gun Violence Prevention
    • Educating Tradeswomen and Allies on Regulations
    • Legal Momentum’s NJEP Continues Educating on Language and Sexual Violence
    • Bringing Legal Momentum’s Work to Youth at the United Nations
    • Legal Momentum Hosts Book Signing for Lynn Povich, Pioneer Journalist
    • In the New York Times on Campuses Handling Sexual Assault Cases
    • Single Parenthood and Economics
    • Domestic Violence Victims—the Need for Job Protection
    • Giving Young Women Inspiration in Gender Equity
    • Continuing Progress for Tradeswomen

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