Khan v. Yale Univ et al.

If you are being watched, leave now!

Authored amicus brief: Legal Momentum, with the Fierberg National Law Group, were joined by 13 other gender justice and anti-gender-based violence organizations is filing a brief before the Connecticut Supreme Court in support of Jane Doe in Khan v. Yale University, et al. Jane Doe made a complaint of sexual assault to Yale University against Plaintiff Khan. She participated in the school's Title IX process and Khan was later expelled. Among other claims against the university, Plaintiff Khan sued Jane Doe for defamation for her statements made during the campus proceedings. The Court will consider whether statements made during the course of Title IX sexual harassment proceedings are entitled to absolute immunity from defamation claims. The amicus brief highlights for the Court the myriad public policy reasons supporting interpretation of Connecticut's defamation law to grant immunity to statements made during the course of schools' Title IX sexual harassment proceedings.

  • Equal Educational Opportunities
  • Violence Against Women and Girls


  • Authored Amicus Brief