Traore v. Mukasey

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Considered whether international Convention Against Torture may guide eligibility for immigration asylum.

Full Case Title: 

Traore v. Mukasey, 272 Fed. Appx. 294 (4th Cir. 2008)
  • Violence Against Women and Girls


  • Immigration
  • International Human Rights
  • Joined Amicus Brief


Summary of the Case

This case sought to overturn the Board of Immigration Appeals decision to deny an immigrant alien's request for asylum under the Convention Against Torture. The immigrant alien was a Malian woman who feared female genital mutilation and forced marriage to a first cousin if she were returned to Mali.


The Fourth Circuit denied her peition for review. Five months later, in a victory for immigrant women seeking asylum, Attorney General Michael Muksaey vacated the Board of Immigration Appeals' decision and sent the case back to the Board for reconsideration.


Amicus Brief