Calling for Stronger Action against Domestic Violence

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Legal Momentum's President and CEO, Carol Robles Román, is speaking out in the media in the wake of the high-profile Ray Rice domestic violence case, calling for accountability for judges and prosecutors in prosecuting perpetrators, stronger laws to  protect victims and innovative services like Family Justice Centers.

On Friday, September 12, Ms. Robles Román spoke on the issue of domestic violence with Pat Kiernan, WABC radio personality and NY1 news anchor, on his show The Ride Home with Pat Kiernan, where she pointed out significant errors in how the case was handled by the New Jersey criminal justice system, highlighting how cases involving violence against women are too often minimized by judges and courts.

This past Sunday, Carol co-authored an Op Ed with Rutgers law professor Penny M. Venetis in The Record, North Jersey's premier newspaper. The piece, titled Governor Should Lead War on Domestic Violence, calls on Governor Christie to speak out strongly on the issue, and to take bold steps to ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted and victims are protected, such as investigating whether New Jersey's diversionary program (meant for non-violent offenders) is being misapplied, instituting training programs for law enforcement and court professionals, and establishing family justice centers where victims can seek help from a range of sources under one roof.

investigate whether New Jersey’s diversionary program (meant for non-violent offenders) is being misapplied throughout the state - See more at: