Getting Results: NYC Passes Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. Recalling Judge Baugh

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NYC Council Passes Pregnancy Discrimination Bill

The New York City Council unanimously passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act yesterday and Mayor Bloomberg is expected to sign it. Legal Momentum's staff attorney and client Angie Welfare were on hand for the press conference. They had testified before the council in favor of the bill last June, and Commissioner Vacca told Angie she provided a compelling face to illustrate this problem and was instrumental in getting it passed. Speaker Quinn also spoke specifically about Angie, who was interviewed by the press. Read more in the Daily News and the Gotham Gazette.

Recalling Judge Baugh

Legal Momentum's Lynn Hecht Schafran worked closely with the Montana chapter of NOW and other civil and women's rights organizations to file an official judicial misconduct complaint against Judge Todd Baugh for his mishandling of a highly publicized rape case, his statements blaming the 14-year-old victim, and his failure to follow state law in sentencing, which caused a public outcry.