Will the Supreme Court Decide for Pregnant Workers?

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Legal Momentum is waiting with bated breath for the outcome of today’s oral arguments in the U. S. Supreme Court in the case of Young v. UPS, which could have a significant impact on working women—especially those in low-wage or manual-labor jobs.

Legal Momentum has been a strong advocate in the case of Peggy Young, a UPS driver who was denied a light duty assignment when she became pregnant in 2006, even though UPS provides such accommodations to drivers for other reasons. The courts have agreed with UPS’s contention that their policy was pregnancy-blind. Because this case could have far-reaching consequences for pregnant workers, Legal Momentum urged the U.S. Supreme Court to consider it, and on July 1 it agreed to do so.

Today, December 3, the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in Peggy Young v. UPS, and will decide whether and when the Pregnancy Discrimination Act requires an employer to make accommodations for a worker who needs them because of pregnancy. Legal Momentum has filed a “Friend of the Court” brief urging the Court to decide that it does. The decision in this case will have a major impact on the health and economic security of women and families across the country.

Legal Momentum and several other women’s organizations are rallying on the Supreme Court steps this morning to show support for pregnant workers.

You can tweet messages of support for Peggy Young and pregnant workers using the hashtag #StandWithPeggy throughout the day on December 3.