Employment and Work

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  • Concerned sexual harassment charges against a judge and the Nebraska Supreme Court.
  • This case, the first sexual harassment class action to reach federal court, determined whether the person appointed to determine the damages owed to the victims of a workplace sexual harassment case committed legal errors in his discovery report.
  • Determined the availability of unemployment insurance under New York law for a victim of domestic violence who leaves her job to relocate in order to escape abuser.
  • Determined whether an employer violates federal anti-discrimination law (Title VII) by excluding contraceptives from a prescription drug plan that covers other prescriptions.
  • Addressed the right of domestic violence victims to protection from employment discharge under North Carolina public policy.
  • The case concerns whether long-term home health care workers employed by third-party agencies are entitled to the federal minimum wage and overtime.
  • Determined the right of a female laborer to bring claims of sex discrimination for being forced by her employer to do the most menial work on a job site while being denied more lucrative opportunities
  • Outlined the definition of a gender-discriminatory hostile work environment under Title VII.
  • Determined whether the EEOC has the authority to pursue individual remedies in court when the individual employee has signed a mandatory arbitration agreement.
  • Determined whether it is proper for a federal appeals court to overturn a jury verdict when a sexual harassment plaintiff has convinced a jury that she was subjected to a hostile environment in her workplace.
  • Determined whether workers who provide information during an employer’s investigation of a sexual harassment are protected from retaliation by federal law.
  • Determined whether the Federal Arbitration Act permits employers to require employees to arbitrate employment discrimination claims.


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