Employment and Work

If you are being watched, leave now!

  • Determined whether state statutes that place greater obligations on employers conflict with the federal Pregnancy Leave Act.
  • Determined the right to unemployment benefits when a woman is forced to quit job due to domestic violence.
  • Determined whether the treatment from the employer to a pregnant employee violates the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
  • Determined whether the Federal Arbitration Act permits employers to require employees to arbitrate employment discrimination claims.
  • Determined whether an employer who refuses to accept applications from women with pre-school age children violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
  • Defended the policy of prohibiting employers from using applicants’ prior pay to determine compensation, in hopes of reducing the wage gap.
  • Determined whether workers who provide information during an employer’s investigation of a sexual harassment are protected from retaliation by federal law.
  • Determined whether money awarded for lost compensation constitute an element of compensatory, such that it is subject to the Civil Rights Act of 1991's statutory cap on such damages.
  • Determined whether non-profit organizations that have religious objections to contraception have the right to exclude coverage of contraception in their group health insurance plans.
  • Determined whether it is proper for a federal appeals court to overturn a jury verdict when a sexual harassment plaintiff has convinced a jury that she was subjected to a hostile environment in her workplace.
  • Determined the evidence standard for sex discrimination in employment (Title VII) cases, and resolved whether a promotion based on sex stereotyping is in violation of Title VII.
  • Concerned the sexual harassment and sex discrimination at work based on rumors of a female employee "sleeping with her male boss to obtain promotions." 


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