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  • Considered whether international Convention Against Torture may guide eligibility for immigration asylum.
  • Concerned an immigrant women's efforts to use laws passed for the benefit of immigrant victims of violence in order to stay in the United States.
  • Determined whether the State of Washington can terminate state-funded food assistance to lawfully present immigrants who are ineligible for federally-funded food assistance due to their immigrant status.
  • Concerned whether rape and attempted rape by a spouse can be considered "extreme cruelty" under VAWA's immigrant protection provisions.
  • Determined whether it is constitutional, under the Equal Protection Clause, to enforce different requirements for citizenship on an out-of-wedlock child who is born abroad to a U.S. citizen, depending upon whether the U.S. citizen is the child's mother or father.
  • Challenged anti-immigration laws in Hazelton, Pennsylvania.
  • In this case, the Nebraska Supreme Court affirmed the constitutional right of immigrant parents to care for, have custody of, and control over their children. The Court ruled that Maria Luis, a Guatemalan woman, should not lose custody of her children because she was deported from the United States.
  • Determined the definition of extreme cruelty under the VAWA provision that protects immigrant victims from deportation and return to their abuser.
  • Determined whether it was proper for a court to hold the victim of domestic violence in contempt of a court order issued to protect her when she reunited with her abuser.
  • Determined the constitutionality of Arizona's controversial immigration law, Senate Bill 1070 (S.B. 1070).
  • Concerning an appeal seeking to enforce the confidentiality protections available under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for individuals who apply for U-visas and T-visas.
  • Determined whether disparate impact regulations adopted by federal agencies to effectuate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are enforceable by private litigants in actions for declaratory and injunctive relief.
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