Violence Against Women

If you are being watched, leave now!

  • Addressed the Constitutionality of the Violence Against Women Act civil rights remedy.
  • Wisconsin's multiple laws to prohibit domestic abusers’ access to firearms are not preempted by the federal Communications Decency Act.
  • The brief argues that lower court committed legal error by failing to adequately consider the effects of domestic violence on the child victim when granting unsupervised visitation to Defendant-Appellee.
  • Challenged the distinction between minor, or “de minimus,” and “classic” incidents of domestic violence.
  • Determined whether the Lautenberg amendment applies to individuals convicted of a "misdemeanor crime of domestic violence" with "recklessness" mens rea.
  • Determined the constitutionality of the Violence Against Women Act's civil rights remedy.
  • Supreme Court case concerning whether a gun trafficker who abused the mother of his child should be able to legally buy guns
  • Prosecuting a stalker under VAWA for violating a restraining order against him and crossing state lines to access his victim.
  • Concerning the Chicago Housing Authority's decision to terminate a Housing Choice Section 8 Voucher without consideration of the applicability of the Violence Against Women Act.
  • This brief focuses on two forms of housing discrimination: race discrimination in subprime mortgage lending and sex discrimination against victims of domestic and sexual violence.
  • Determined the right to sue under VAWA's civil rights remedy for nonphysical violence (e.g. threats and harassment).
  • Determined whether the Commerce Clause authorized Congress to enact the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, which protects the private information kept by state driver's license bureaus against commercial use, and whether the statute violated the Tenth or Eleventh Amendment.


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