Violence Against Women

If you are being watched, leave now!

  • Determined the use of the discovery rule to extend the statute of limitations in childhood incest cases.
  • Determined whether the federal domestic violence misdemeanor gun ban law—the Lauternberg Amendment—requires a domestic relationship between the offender and the victim.
  • Determined whether municipalities can be held liable for hiring employees who injure someone.
  • Determined whether a defendant forfeits the Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause right where defendant’s wrongful act caused witness’s unavailability.
  • Challenged the distinction between minor, or “de minimus,” and “classic” incidents of domestic violence.
  • Concerning the NYC Police Department’s practice of refusing to arrest men who beat their wives and family court clerks refusing to allow battered women to seek Orders of Protection against their husbands.
  • Determined whether the prosecution of a domestic violence victim for murdering her husband was impermissibly tainted by the prosecution's baseless suggestions that she worked as a prostitute.
  • The brief argues that lower court committed legal error by failing to adequately consider the effects of domestic violence on the child victim when granting unsupervised visitation to Defendant-Appellee.
  • Determined the constitutionality of the Violence Against Women Act's civil rights remedy.
  • Determined the statute of limitations on sexual abuse tort and discovery rule due to childhood trauma in Ohio.
  • Addressed the Constitutionality of the Violence Against Women Act civil rights remedy.
  • Concerned the right of an abuse victim to tort remedies under the civil rights remedy provision of VAWA.


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