Litigation Case Document

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  • A class action lawsuit alleging that labor recruiters engage in sex discrimination against Mexican women who they are placing as non-immigrant guestworkers to work in the United States.
  • Concerned the right of a domestic violence victim to take leave from work for proceedings and medical care under California's domestic violence leave law and the Family Rights act.
  • Determined whether Nebraska, in passing a law denying welfare benefits to a child when the child's family was already receiving welfare, intended it to apply to children whose parents were unable to work because of disability.
  • Concerned sex discrimination, retaliation, and Equal Pay Act claims by female elevator mechanic denied equal job opportunities and subjected to sexual harassment by co-workers and supervisors.
  • Legal Momentum served as co-counsel in this case which determined whether welfare recipients who must work in public "workfare" jobs in order to receive welfare benefits are protected against sexual harassment and discrimination in those jobs by Title VII.
  • A case that determined the right of abuse victim to leave work to obtain protection orders against an abuser.
  • Determined the Constitutionality of New Jersey's Child Exclusion law, which denies welfare benefits to children born to mothers already receiving welfare.
  • Determined whether domestic violence survivors who are discharged from work for reasons related to abuse are eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.
  • Determined whether applying a housing complex's "zero tolerance for violence" policy by threatening a person with eviction for having been the victim of domestic violence unlawfully discriminates on the basis of sex.
  • A lawsuit challenging the failure of New York City to update its schedule for determining child care eligibility and child care co-fees.
  • Legal Momentum served as co-counsel in this case, which determined whether it is constitutional, under the Equal Protection Clause, to enforce different requirements for citizenship on an out-of-wedlock child who is born abroad to a U.S. citizen, depending upon whether the U.S. citizen is the child's mother or father.
  • Determined the Constitutionality of the Violence Against Women Act's civil rights remedy.


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