Elder Victims of Sexual Abuse

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June 1, 2011

Although elder abuse is a topic familiar to many Americans, elder sexual abuse remains often overlooked—despite its prevalence and the damage it can cause. Elder sexual abuse is a distinct form of victimization in which victims’ age and health further complicate the particular challenges that every sexual abuse/assault case presents for the courts. This curriculum explores the research on elder sexual abuse and its implications for civil and criminal courts.

Participants in this curriculum will learn to:

  • Identify the types of elder sexual abuse and those who are at highest risk for abuse
  • Explain how victim impact in elder sexual abuses cases differs from younger victims
  • Recognize typical characteristics of sex offenders who target elders
  • Help elders describe their experiences and gain access to the courts
  • Know key questions to assess whether consent was present
  • Minimize jury bias in elder sexual abuse cases
  • Sentence elder sexual abuse offenders appropriately
  • Identify resources to improve courts’ handling of elder sexual abuse cases

NJEP’s curriculum is available at no charge for a variety of uses: it can be utilized as the basis for in-person trainings and webinars or reviewed by individuals online. The curriculum can be adapted to local laws and practices 

The curriculum consists of a faculty manual for teachers, a Power Point presentation with suggested commentary, exercises for participants, and handouts for participants. 

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Faculty Manual


PowerPoint Slides with Suggested Commentary 


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Case Study Exercise


Participant Handouts

Professor Ann Burgess & Jill Hoexter, Esq. Practical Issues: Preparing and Prosecuting Elder Sexual Assault Cases


Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik, PhD., Sexual Violence in Later Life, Fact Sheet, Bulletin and Technical Assistance Guide for Advocates, National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Graphics for Reproducing this Module (.zip)

  • Violence Against Women and Girls
  • National Judicial Education Program

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