The Impact of Interpersonal Violence on the Workplace

If you are being watched, leave now!


January 1, 2011

Domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence and stalking are widespread in the United States, affecting individuals of virtually every racial, ethnic, gender, age and socioeconomic group. Studies indicate that one of the best predictors of whether a victim will separate from their abuser is the victim’s degree of economic independence. However, the violence often jeopardizes a victim’s ability to keep a job, whether because of the need for time off for court appearances or medical attention, or abusers’ active interference or sabotage, including preventing victims from going to work, harassment at work, limiting access to cash and transportation, and sabotaging child-care arrangements. Accordingly, female victims are more likely than other women to be unemployed, to suffer from health problems that can affect employability and job performance, to report lower personal income, and to rely on welfare.

  • Violence Against Women and Girls
  • Workplace Equality and Economic Empowerment



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