Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse: From Teen Dating Violence to Trafficking (Webinar)

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November 12, 2015

Summary of the Webinar

This informative webinar from the National Judicial Education Program addresses the prevalence of Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse (IPSA) in domestic violence cases, the importance of knowing about and understanding IPSA for risk assessment, strategies to encourage victim disclosure, and recommendations for addressing IPSA in cases where domestic violence is the primary allegation.

Originally Presented: November 12, 2015.

Presenter: Lynn Hecht Schafran, Director, National Judicial Education Program

Files Available for Download: The PowerPoint slides are available for download above, and the recorded webinar is available below for viewing. Below is a link to a Dropbox file with all materials referenced during the webinar. In the Dropbox is a Table of Contents document (number 0), and then all other files are numbered according to the Table of Contents.

Reference Materials from Webinar

Note: If you access the Dropbox folder, You will notice there’s no #10—that’s because NJEP is not allowed to post that article publicly. However, NJEP wanted participants to have the article’s information so that participants could look it up and access it if they were so interested.


Recorded Webinar


PowerPoint Slides

  • Human Trafficking
  • Violence Against Women and Girls


Lynn Hecht Schafran
  • National Judicial Education Program
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
  • Teen Dating Violence



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