Oral Testimony to NYC Pay Equity Panel

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September 19, 2019

Presented on September 19, 2019, Senior Attorney Seher Khawaja delivered oral testimony to a panel on pay equity held by the New York City Commission on Gender Equity, the Commission on Human Rights, and the Department of Conumer and Worker Protection.

To make meaningful progress on pay equity, we must actively address root causes of the wage gap, including occupational segregation; create a comprehensive support structure for women that dismantles the financial costs and penalties they have long incurred; and look to change not just the law, but the predominant workplace culture that continues to turn a blind eye to the modern working family.
The gender wage gap is a multifaceted problem rooted in systemic forms of gender discrimination. If we legitimately want to achieve pay parity, the City must continue to take a multifaceted approach that focuses on women of color and women in low-wage work.

The written testimony is available here.

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Seher Khawaja
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