Testimony on New York State’s Model Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

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September 15, 2022

On September 15, Legal Momentum Senior Attorney for Economic Empowerment, Seher Khawaja, delivered expert testimony at a public hearing held by New York State's Department of Labor about the state's Sexual Harassment Prevention Model Policy.  The panel was lead by New York State Department of Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon, New York State Division of Human Rights Commissioner Maria L. Imperial, and Counsel to the Governor Elizabeth Fine. 


Ms. Khawaja's testimony recognized some of the strengths of New York State's Sexual Harassment Prevention Model Policy, like its requirement of written policies, but also covered five areas where  the DOL’s efforts to meaningfully address workplace harassment can be improved upon. Those areas include (1) collecting data and information to assess progress; (2) prioritizing the needs of our most vulnerable workers; (3) fostering an approach that addresses the spectrum of sexual harassment; (4) eliminating procedures known to disempower victims; and (5) addressing inequity more broadly.

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Seher Khawaja
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