When Bias Compounds: Ensuring Equal Justice for Women of Color in the Courts

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June 1, 1998

This model curriculum informs participants about the problems women of color face at every level and in every aspect of the judicial system, as litigants, witnesses, defendants, employees, lawyers, and judges. The materials included encourage judges to think about actions they can take to address these problems, in order to insure women of color equal access to justice and equal participation in the judicial system. This curriculum uses a variety of interactive teaching techniques including case studies, expert presentations, small and large group discussions, role-plays and action planning.

About the Model Curriculum

NJEP’s curriculum is available at no charge for a variety of uses: it can be utilized as the basis for in-person trainings and webinars or reviewed by individuals online. The curriculum can be adapted to local laws and practices.

The curriculum consists of:

  • A faculty manual for teachers
  • A Power Point presentation with suggested commentary
  • Exercises for participants
  • Handouts for participants

  • Fairness in the Courts
  • National Judicial Education Program


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