Civil Rights Groups Rally Around Kesha in Battle With Dr. Luke

If you are being watched, leave now!


April 19, 2022

Legal Momentum, with Equal Rights Advocates and the National Women's Law Center, filed an amicus brief in support of Kesha and her ongoing defamation case with Dr. Luke.


"These groups positioned Kesha’s fight as a typical experience of sexual assault survivors who decide to publicly name their abusers. These groups—which include the first and longest-serving national nonprofit civil rights organization dedicated to vindicating women and girls’ rights—detail how legal action is used to harass and intimidate victims of all income levels. Though Kesha is a well-known artist and celebrity, her continued legal battle continues to cost her hundreds of thousands. Using the court to continue the cycle of abuse legitimizes the harm she experienced and puts her, the victim, in the position of needing to rehash their abuse over and over again in an attempt to move past the incident."