Key council committee approves change to salary transparency law

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April 27, 2022

Seher Khawaja, Legal Momentum's Senior Economic Empowerment Attorney, was quoted in NY1's coverage of the updates on New York City's salary transparency law that were passed on April 28, 2022.  Amendments made to the bill included pushing the start date back to the fall, removing the ability for individuals to file lawsuits against employers (instead relying on the city’s Commission on Human Rights for enforcement and fines), strengthening language to cover remote workers, and keeping the threshold at businesses with 4 or more employees. The bill aims to address the gender and race pay gap.


"After listening to concerns from the business community and working in collaboration with the Council and our pay equity partners, we were heartened to settle on a bill that we hope will provide more clarity and help smaller businesses comply without compromising the rights of so many workers who deserve protection under this very important law,” Seher Khawaja, senior attorney for economic empowerment at Legal Momentum, said. The women’s legal defense and education fund supported the bill’s passage in December.