More states are embracing pay transparency. Experts say businesses should take note.

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June 19, 2022

Legal Momentum's Economic Empowerment Senior Attorney, Seher Khawaja, was quoted in The Business Journal's coverage of New York State's new salary transparency law that is currently awaiting the governor's signature. The law would not only create change in New York State, but has the potential for broad impact across the country as other states take note and pass similar legislation.


“We really see the New York City law as a critical first step toward advancing pay transparency that we see as a necessary component to closing the racial and gender wage gap in New York and beyond,” Seher said. “We view this as one piece of part of a larger movement to enact similar legislation across the country.”


The bill has various benefits, not limited just to employees, but employers as well:


"She said there were benefits not just for potential employees for employers too, who save time during the application process and weed out workers who wouldn’t accept a job offer at the pay ranges specified. She said it also forces employers to take a look at what they are paying their own employees.

“It drives trust. It increases retention, and it really pushes. It is also going to reduce litigation costs. Employers are just going to be paying their employees more equitably,” Khawaja said."