Loretta Lynch 'led the nation' on human trafficking despite Republican standoff

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April 21, 2015

Carol Robles-Román, who in 12 years as deputy mayor of New York City worked closely with Lynch’s office to stop young girls from falling victim to sex traffickers, said Lynch had made “protecting the most vulnerable members of our society a hallmark of her tenure”.

“The irony that it’s a trafficking bill that’s holding everything up is just … it’s a very sad irony,” said Robles-Román, who now runs the nonprofit Legal Momentum. “The fact of the matter is, with this record, she has been one of the top leaders in the country around the fight against human trafficking.

“This is such a difficult area for prosecutors to wrap their hands around. And her office, the eastern district, has really distinguished itself in the cases that they have brought, and the fearlessness that they have shown in prosecuting these cases.”