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Subscribe NowOur LM in Action Series highlights the work of our organization. This national newsletter provides an interesting and challenging look at current legal and political issues critical to the advancement of women and girls. Stay up to date with the changes that lie ahead in the struggle for women's rights.

  • April 2013
    • Legal Momentum’s NJEP Continues Educating on Language and Sexual Violence
    • Bringing Legal Momentum’s Work to Youth at the United Nations
    • Legal Momentum Hosts Book Signing for Lynn Povich, Pioneer Journalist
    • In the New York Times on Campuses Handling Sexual Assault Cases
    • Single Parenthood and Economics
    • Domestic Violence Victims—the Need for Job Protection
    • Giving Young Women Inspiration in Gender Equity
    • Continuing Progress for Tradeswomen
  • March 2013
    • Supporting Women’s Equality Agenda
    • Working On Equal Terms: A Summit on Women and Construction
    • The Violence Against Women Act Re-authorization Signed into Law
    • Furthering the Protections for Domestic Violence Victims
    • OFCCP Ends Rigid Pay Discrimination Investigation Procedures
    • Our “Worst Off” Report Continues to be Cited in the Press
  • May 2012
    • Legal Momentum Fights for Legal Protections against Domestic and Sexual Violence and Stalking
    • Legal Momentum Works to End Pregnancy Discrimination in Employment
    • Aiming High Awards a Fantastic Success
    • Elizabeth Grayer’s Letter to the Editor in the New York Times on the NYC Firefighters Exam
    • Legal Momentum Organizes a Special Session for the National Task Force on Tradeswomen Issues
    • Participation in the International Association of Women Judges Conference
  • March 2011
    • Welfare Reform at Age 15: A Vanishing Safety Net for Women and Children
    • National Judicial Education Program Announces New Resources
    • Legal Momentum Supports Women Of Wal-mart; Signs On To Amicus Brief
    • Legal Momentum Mourns The Passing Of Geraldine Ferraro
    • New Report Highlights Women's Advancements And Persistent Inequities In The United States
    • SB 1070 Copycat Bills Threaten Health And Safety Of Immigrant Women And Children
  • February 2011
    • Tell Congress and The White House To Oppose H.R. 1 and The House-Drafted Continuing Resolution
    • Legal Momentum Testifies Before Congress On Behalf Of Immigrant Victims Of Violence
    • A Win For Advocates: House Republicans Strike "Forcible Rape-Only" Language From Bill
    • U.S. Women Need Paid Leave And Family Supports In The Workplace