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Subscribe NowOur LM in Action Series highlights the work of our organization. This national newsletter provides an interesting and challenging look at current legal and political issues critical to the advancement of women and girls. Stay up to date with the changes that lie ahead in the struggle for women's rights.

  • May 2022

    Statement from Legal Momentum on the American Law Institute's new definition of consent in their updated Model Penal Code

    • Legal Momentum will work with the many organizations that expressed concern about ALI’s consent definition during the years of its formulation to ensure that state legislatures do not adopt this new, even more wrongly misconceived version.
  • May 2022

    Legal Momentum breaks down our new amicus brief filed in support of Appellant Kesha Rose Sebert in Gottwald v. Sebert

    • We provide a  background of the case, a breakdown of the brief’s main argument, and why the ruling matters for survivors of sexual assault in New York State facing defamation suits by their abusers.
    • Legal Momentum’s brief urges that New York’s highest court settle the question of whether the updated NY anti-SLAPP statutes will apply in Kesha’s case and others filed before the 2020 expansion
    • Retaliatory defamation lawsuits weaponize our courts in order to intimidate and silence survivors.
    • It's important that laws like NY's expanded anti-SLAPP are available to all survivors faced with a retaliatory lawsuit.
  • May 2022

    Highlights from our 17th Annual Women of Achievement Awards Dinner held on April 14th in San Francisco!

  • April 2022
    • LM launched our latest resource, A Guide to Defamation for Survivors of Sexual Assault or Harassment 
    • The #MeToo movement encouraged many sexual harassment and sexual assault survivors speaking up about their experiences, many for the first time. It also led to a spike in defamation lawsuits filed
    • Our resource provides a plain language breakdown of the main principles of defamation law and a guide to the defamation statues in each state
    • All survivors deserve to decide whether and how they share their experiences and should not be further abused for doing so
  • March 2022
    • March 21st is the first day of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for her nomination to the Supreme Court
    • Judge Brown Jackson's nomination was historic in that she is the first Black woman, and third Black judge overall, to be nominated to the Supreme Court
    • Legal Momentum stands with other social justice organizations to call out coverage of Judge Brown Jackson's confirmation hearings that employs racist and sexist language 
  • March 2022
    • Legal Momentum celebrates the passage and signing into law of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Reauthorization Act of 2022
    • The bill includes a number of enhancements to increase access to VAWA-funded programs and improve VAWA's responsiveness to the needs of survivors
    • “The passage of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2022 is a crucial, overdue, and positive step towards better protecting all survivors of gender-based violence,” said Legal Momentum’s President & CEO, Carol Moody, “Each reauthorization of VAWA provides an opportunity to improve our response and meet the real and current needs of victims and survivors. As one of the earliest advocates for VAWA, we are proud that the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2022 includes critical enhancements and investments to serve the needs of all survivors and impacted communities.”
  • March 2022

    Join us for a day of action for Equal Pay Day tomorrow, March 15th 2022, to raise awareness about pay equity and advocate for legislation in NY State requiring pay transparency and investment in care infrastructure! 

  • March 2022
    Legal Momentum invites you to the 17th Annual Women of Achievement Awards Dinner on Thursday, April 14, 2022.
  • March 2022

    Legal Momentum breaks down our amicus brief in support of Appellant Jane Roe in Roe v United States, et al

    Sex discrimination has no place in any workplace. We explain the background of the case, the main argument, and why the ruling matters for the 30,000 employees of the U.S. Federal Judiciary 

  • February 2022

    As part of our commitment to advancing educational opportunities for all, Legal Momentum holds a yearly Know Your Rights program where young people are trained in topics related to gender discrimination, sexual violence, and healthy relationships. Currently in its sixth year of programming, our Rights Now! Peer Educators are taking on a new challenge this month – creating social media content that engages our followers on issues of intersectionality and dating abuse. This Black History and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, visit our social media to hear the voices of some of our Peer Educators below. 

  • February 2022

    A letter from our President, Carol Baldwin Moody, celebrating the work we've accomplished in 2021 thanks to our supporters 

  • January 2022

    January 27th, 2022 marks two years since Virginia, the last state needed to reach the 38-state threshold, ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Join Legal Momentum and the ERA Coalition as we commemorate with a rally for a more just future for all in Washington, D.C. and livestreamed on Facebook January 27th at noon!

    • Plus more info on what the ERA is and its status today