Legal Momentum 2023 Action Agenda

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January 30, 2023

Legal Momentum 2023 Action Agenda

Today Legal Momentum released our 2023 Action Agenda. With the recent and ongoing deterioration of women’s fundamental rights, we begin 2023 with a focused advocacy strategy to restore and expand policies necessary for ensuring the physical and economic security of women and their families. We are at a critical moment when lawmakers must take bold, urgent, and meaningful action to enact safeguards against gender, racial, and other forms of discrimination and to address longstanding structural inequities.

Our 2023 Action Agenda outlines the six key legislative priorities on which we believe we can achieve progress and on which we will focus our advocacy resources throughout the coming year:

  • Advancing pay equity through pay transparency
  • Increasing women’s economic security by increasing the minimum wage
  • Ensuring equality under state and Federal constitutions
  • Ending nonconsensual drug-testing of pregnant patients
  • Ensuring enforcement of Title IX for all students
  • Expanding employment protections for survivors

To learn more, check out our 2023 Action Agenda and visit the resources on our website. Follow along as we work to achieve equality and autonomy for women.