LM in Action: Supporting Trans Students in School Sports

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May 22, 2023

Comment on Proposed Title IX Rule: Let Kids Play

Last week Legal Momentum filed a public comment expressing support for the Department of Education’s proposed rule prohibiting categorical bans against transgender, nonbinary and intersex students participating in school sports consistent with their gender identity. While we also urged the Department to consider several key clarifications and improvements, this rule will sharply restrict the ability of schools to prevent transgender, nonbinary and intersex students from reaping the benefits of school sports participation and we hope the rule will be swiftly finalized. More than fifty years after Title IX was first enacted, sex stereotypes are still being used to exclude students from educational opportunities. Legal Momentum stands firmly against the insidious trend of anti-LGBTQ policies and continues our work to root out the sex-based stereotypes that push women and people of marginalized genders further from equality.

You can read Legal Momentum’s comment here.

We also joined 40 other civil rights and gender justice organizations in a joint comment led by the National Women’s Law Center which you can read here.