Meet our 2021/2022 Rights Now! Peer Educators

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February 7, 2022

Meet our 2021/2022 Rights Now! Peer Educators

As part of our commitment to advancing educational opportunities for all, Legal Momentum holds a yearly Know Your Rights program where young people are trained in topics related to gender discrimination, sexual violence, and healthy relationships. Currently in its sixth year of programming, our Rights Now! Peer Educators are taking on a new challenge this month – creating social media content that engages our followers on issues of intersectionality and dating abuse. This Black History and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, visit our social media to hear the voices of some of our Peer Educators below. 

Background on Rights Now!

The Rights Now! training curriculum is a 12-week course that includes presentation skill building activities, knowledge building exercises, and facilitated dialogues intended to build confidence and comradery. Peer Educators help develop and shape every aspect of the program—from workshop curriculum enhancement to leadership skill development. Thereafter, Peer Educators lead workshops to young people at afterschool programs and nonprofit organization throughout New York City.

Meet some of our Peer Educators!

Talese is currently a student at LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, where she is studying and training her voice to sing in different languages and genres. Not only is she passionate about the musical aspect of her life, but the academic side is just as important, being evident with her overall average of 96.7%. Talese enjoys writing poetry and short stories in her free time, while also valuing the simple things in life, whether it be spending time with family, or taking walks outside. 

Elizabeth is a senior at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She is very excited to graduate and very thankful for the opportunity to be able to participate in Legal Momentum’s Rights Now program as a Peer Educator. For Elizabeth, it is very important to discuss important issues that impact people that are around her age or younger very deeply. Especially since young people are the future. Providing them with resources and opportunities for them to learn more about these issues can help them in their future. 

Klaire is a Macaulay Honors student at Hunter College studying political science, economics, and public policy. When she isn't exploring her passion for the law and education as a Peer Educator, she seeks to empower under-resourced communities by pinpointing untapped funding sources as a consultant at Resilient Cities Catalyst. 

Ayah is currently in her last semester in the community health MPH program at the CUNY School of Public Health. Some of the topics that she is passionate about are menstrual health, education equity, and reproductive justice. Her long-term career goal and dream job is to be a public health professor. 

Salma is 23 years old and loves everything true crime. A self-professed Psych nerd, she has a vested interest in advocating for women’s rights and is thrilled to be working with Legal Momentum. Salma is a therapist in training and can’t wait to implement everything she is learning in her practice! 

Alexis is a lover of cooking and all things food. She is a conscientious, passionate young woman. She is a person who continues to motivate herself and others. She meets expectations and is someone others look up to. She fills a silence effortlessly and makes others feel comfortable. 

Zarree is a 2000s pop punk junkie. She is bright young speaker who knows how to cultivate an audience’s attention. She is gifted with the able to articulate her message in a calm and concise way, not to mention how understanding of a person she is. 

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