Women Workers Need Your Support Now More Than Ever

If you are being watched, leave now!

April 7, 2020

      COVID-19 is a gendered crisis.  Women workers have always experienced devastating gender and racial wage discrimination – clearer now more than ever with so many women at the pandemic front lines in essential jobs that are chronically underpaid and chronically undervalued.

      In this time of challenge, our legal team just finalized Spanish and Chinese translations of our NO COST Legal Rights and Economic Resources for Workers Impacted by COVID-19.  These provide an overview of potential legal protections, benefits, and resources for women workers while weathering this crisis. 

      In this time of challenge, women are still more likely to be paid less than men, to live in poverty, and to be victims of sexual harassment or violence in the workplace.  Women are more likely to earn a minimum wage, to be penalized for having a child, and to be disproportionately tasked with family care responsibilities, which can compromise a woman’s earning potential. All far more prevalent for women of color and immigrant women.

      In this time of challenge, Legal Momentum urgently asks for your financial support. Over our fifty years, as the nation’s first and oldest legal defense and education fund, COVID-19 might prove to be the greatest challenge we and the women workers of our nation have ever been faced with

      Please give what you can in this urgent time of crisis.  Every dollar you donate ensures our legal team can continue their work developing the resources needed so that the women workers of our nation, at the frontline of this crisis, know their legal rights.       

      Protecting women’s and girls’ rights begins with the law.


      Be part of the solution. Please share.     SYMS | Legal Momentum Helpline remains available at NO COST to provide legal information and referrals on issues related to sex discrimination in the workplace, home, school and the courts. 

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The Legal Momentum Team