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Legal Momentum News Brief, our newsletter, highlights the work of the organization, providing an interesting and challenging look at current legal and political issues critical to the advancement of women and girls. The publication, which reaches an audience of 8,000 supporters and allied organizations, also outlines the challenges that lie ahead in the struggle for women's rights.

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    • 2017 Aiming High Awards Luncheon Raises $1 Million
    • New Gender Justice Fellow Joins Legal Momentum
    • New Program: Peer Educators Teach Teens about Healthy Relationships
    • Legal Momentum’s CEO Carol Robles-Román Honored with ABA Award
    • Legal Momentum Helps Lead Campaign for New Equal Rights Amendment 
    • New Developments in the Fight against Online Sexual Exploitation
    • Speaking Out against Gender-Based Violence—and Helping Victims
    • Media Coverage Featuring Legal Momentum
    • Rights Now! Program Launches to Empower Young Women and Girls of Color
    • Calling Attention to the Need to Stop Cyber-Sextortion
    • Sy Syms Foundation Supports Legal Momentum’s Helpline
    • Speaking Out against Online Trafficking of Children
    • NJEP & Florida Courts Partner on Gender Bias in Sexual Assault Cases 
    • 2017 Women of Achievement Honored in San Francisco
    • Preserving Vital Violence Against Women Act Program Funding
    • Educating Student Activists about Campus Sexual Assault
    • Screenings of “I Am Jane Doe” Bring Attention to Online Exploitation of Young Girls
    • Working with the National Association of Women Lawyers
    • Legal Momentum Brings First-Ever State Court Civil Suit for Cyber-Sexual Abuse on Behalf of Ex-Marine
    • Legal Momentum and Pro Bono Counsel David Boies File Suits for Nonprofit Clients and Trafficking Victims 
    • Employers Adopt Legal Momentum’s “DV-Free Zone” Model Policy 
    • Legal Momentum Featured in N.Y.C. and D.C. Premieres of “I Am Jane Doe” 
    • Legal Momentum Action Alert to Preserve Funding for Violence Against Women Act Programs
    • LM Advocates for Accurate Language in the Media
    • NJEP Presents Webinar for National Center for State Courts
    • Carol Robles-Román Speaks at Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force Freedom Rally
    • Title IX at 45: Improving Education for Women and Girls
    • Legal Momentum Joins #TackleDemand Anti-Trafficking Campaign
    • New Cosmetic Line’s Sales Support Women’s Rights
    • “I Am Jane Doe” Film Highlights LM’s Work Defending Vulnerable Girls>
    • Legal Momentum Featured in The New Yorker “Talk of the Town”
    • Legal Momentum Fights Online Child Trafficking
    • U.S. Senate Report on Human Trafficking Cites Legal Momentum Brief
    • Cards from Teens Seek Justice for Child Victims
    • LM Hosts Women’s Rights Leaders from N. Africa and the Middle East
    • LM Urges D.C. Circuit Court to Support Senate Action against Backpage
    • Speaking Out on Human Rights and Domestic Violence
    • New Webinars Help Survivors Access Justice at Work and in Court
    • Legal Momentum’s Website Will Be Digital History
    • 2017 Women of Achievement Honorees Announced
    • Legal Momentum’s New Gender Justice Fellowship
    • Legal Momentum in the News
    • Legal Momentum Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Consider an Important Online Child Sex Trafficking Case
    • Eradicating Human Trafficking
    • A “Call to Action” to End Cyber-crime against Women and Children
    • New York City Screening of Equal Means Equal
    • Legal Momentum Leads the N.Y.C. Young Women’s Initiative into Its Next Phase
    • Working to End Gender Bias in Courts across the Nation—and Beyond!
    • Legal Momentum Partners with New York City Family Justice Centers on Gender-Based Violence in the Workplace and in Schools
    • Helping Women and People of Color Gain Equal Justice under the Law
    • Protecting America's Children from Cyber-Violence
    • Silicon Valley Panel on Ending Sexual Exploitation of Girls Generates Commitment to Action
    • White House Summmit on "The United State of Women"
    • Board Chair Elaine Wood Meets Justice Sotomayor
    • Speaking on Ending Campus Sexual Assault at NOW Conference
    • 500 Legal Momentum Supporters Gather for Aiming High Awards
    • Legal Momentum Leads on Gender Justice
    • New York City Urban League Girls' Title IX Debate
    • Legal Momentum Gender Justice Fellow Authors Article on ACA and Childbirth
    • Legal Momentum's National Judicial Education Program  Teaches Nationwide
    • Legal Momentum Advocates to Keep Guns away from Domestic Abusers
    • Former Board Member Jennifer Choe Groves Confirmed as Federal Judge
    • Book Helps Domestic Violence Survivors Gain Independence
    • Legal Momentum in the News
    • Save the Dates
    • Legal Momentum Collaborates with New York City to Build a Leadership Future for Young Women and Girls
    • Legal Momentum Works to Help Exploited Girls and Stop Trafficking with Seattle-Based Funders and Advocates
    • Lifetime Achievement Award for Penny Venetis from N.J. Law Journal
    • Legal Momentum Board Member Michele Mayes Featured in “Invisible… Then Gone—Minority Women Are Disappearing from Big Law—And Here’s Why
    • “Gender Justice Warriors” Gather in San Francisco
    • NJEP Continues to Innovate in Judicial and Advocate Education
    • Congresswoman Maloney and Legal Momentum Join Forces to Educate on Human Trafficking
    • Penny Venetis Featured in Two Documentaries
    • Legal Momentum Joins Public Advocate Letitia James to Fight for Equal Pay in New York City



    • Legal Momentum Works to End Exploitation of Children
    • Angie Welfare Gets Justice for Herself and All Pregnant Workers
    • Legal Momentum Briefs Members of Congress on Workplace Domestic Violence
    • NJEP Educates Communities and Courts on Teen Dating Violence
    • Legal Momentum Joins Campaign for Paid Family Leave in N.Y. State
    • Meet Legal Momentum’s New Legal Team Members
    • National Judicial Education Program Goes Global
    • Lawyer’s Manual on Domestic Violence Updated with Legal Momentum’s Help
    • Legal Momentum Board Member Loria Yeadon Joins Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.’s National Board
    • Legal Momentum in the News
    • Prominent Women’s Rights Activists Promote “A New Era” for Women’s Rights—LM Joins Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda on February 7
    • U.S. DOJ Launches New Guidance on Gender Bias in Policing with Legal Momentum
    • NJEP's Article "Medical Forensic Sexual Assault Exams: What Are They and What Can They Tell the Courts?" to Be Reprinted in Leading Journal
    • 11th Annual Women of Achievement Awards Dinner to Take Place March 16 in San Francisco
    • LM Advocates for Criminal Justice Reform for Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence
    • LM Advocates for More Funding for Office of Civil Rights Campus Investigations
    • Blue Shield of California Adopts "This Workplace Is a DV-Free Zone" Model Policy
    • Legal Momentum Attends Opening of Exhibition on Suffrage Movement
    • LM Celebrates Women on the U.S. Supreme Court at San Francisco Event
    • Legal Momentum Attends Opening of Exhibition on Suffrage Movement
    • LM Celebrates Women on the U.S. Supreme Court at San Francisco Event
    • Former Board Chair Michele Coleman Mayes Honored
    • Judge Takes LM's National Judicial Education Program Training to Bosnia
    • Join Legal Momentum's Equal Rights Legacy Society
    • Shop AmazonSmile to Support Legal Momentum's Mission
    • Legal Momentum in the News
    • Save the Dates!
    • Legal Momentum Champions Domestic Violence Survivors in the Workplace
    • Legal Momentum Settles Important Pregnancy Discrimination Case
    • Legal Momentum Hosts Reading by Author Linda Hirshman
    • Carol Robles-Román Is Vital Voices Global Ambassador in Japan
    • Legal Momentum Appointed to NY City Council Young Women's Initiative
    • Carol Robles-Román Gives Rosalie Wahl Keynote for Minnesota Women Lawyers
    • NJEP's Innovative Webinars Provide Valuable Insights on Victims of Sexual Violence
    • National Judicial Education Program Continues to Train Judges Nationwide on Gender Justice-Related Issues
    • Legal Momentum Helps State Courts Fight Human Trafficking
    • National Judicial Education Program Awarded 2-Year OVW Grant
    • Rutgers Law Celebrates Beijing+20 with Two Legal Momentum Executives
    • Legal Momentum Applauds Reintroduction of the SAFE Act
    • Former Board Member Stacy Meisel Appointed as U.S. Judge
    • Carol Baldwin Moody and Lori Leskin Join Legal Momentum's Board
    • Legal Momentum in the News

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