Understanding Sexual Violence: Prosecuting Adult Rape and Sexual Assault Cases

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June 30, 2001

This model curriculum, developed with the American Prosecutors Research Institute, provides prosecutors with tools for successful sex crimes prosecutions, especially nonstranger rapes.

The curriculum covers such topics as:

  • rape myths and stereotypes and their effect on charging decisions, jury selection, and jury deliberations;
  • how victim impact affects victim interviewing and preparation;
  • experts such as certified sexual assault examiners;
  • drug-facilitated rape;
  • plea offers and sentencing

The entire curriculum is available for download above.


NOTE: The curriculum references resources that cannot be posted online for copyright reasons. However, if you need these resources, you can email the National Judicial Education Program and we will be able to provide them for you.
  • Fairness in the Courts
  • Violence Against Women and Girls
  • National Judicial Education Program



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