Why NYC Needs Rights Now!

If you are being watched, leave now!

Working collaboratively with grassroots organizations, educational and community organizations, and other advocacy groups for almost 50 years, Legal Momentum’s impact on the lives of girls and women has been significant both in New York City and throughout the country. Thanks to funding from the New York City Council's Young Woman's Initiative, Legal Momentum, through its Rights Now! Program directly and indirectly (a) helped young women of color in New York City to recognize, avoid and escape violent intimate relationships, and (b) provided them with the tools to know what to do if they become victims of sexual abuse at home, in their dating life, or at school. 


Peer Educator Testimonials

"Giving [young women] a chance to share their thoughts in a safe platform without feeling judged was a rewarding feeling for the Rights Now! peer educators."

"For many young women growing up in conservative communities, there often isn’t a chance to discuss their feelings regarding sexual-based violence. Women’s thoughts are often not requested or brought into consideration, and safe spaces where they could learn and grow comfortably amongst others is imperative. Being able to discuss and inform capable girls about their rights was not only productive, it was doubly rewarding. Overall, organizing with other similar community organizations would be productive and have the same effect."

"After we presented Workshop 2: Sex Based-Discrimination, the young women were very adamant about the fact that society’s gender roles and expectations that are placed upon women are not fair. One young woman in particular said, 'As women, we do not have to abide by what societies standards tell us. We can be ourselves and feel free.' Many of the girls resonated with this, and so did us peer educators."