Rights Now! Curriculum and Training Program

If you are being watched, leave now!

The Rights Now! Program focuses on legal protections and policy advocacy regarding gender-based discrimination, violence, and harassment. Peer Educators create tangible resources and lead inclusive conversations to educate their communities on their rights towards gender and racial justice. Topics include gender discrimination, healthy relationships, gender-based violence, and more. 

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Training Peer Educators

The Rights Now! Know-Your-Rights Program is a 12-week course focused on building leadership capacity and expanding knowledge about policy making in New York City and beyond and the legal frameworks related to challenging gender-based discrimination, violence, and harassment. Peer Educators are then challenged to hone what they’ve learned into tangible resources and youth-led conversations to educate other young people in their communities. Peer Educators help develop and shape every aspect of the program. Currently in its seventh year, Rights Now! has trained over 30 young people who have gone on to lead dozens of events throughout their communities.