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Corporate Champion Award







Mary McNiff, Chief Compliance Officer of Citi, N.A. will accept the award on behalf of Citi.

Mary McNiff is Citi’s Chief Compliance Officer responsible for independent compliance risk management across Citi, reporting to Citi's CEO. She assumed this role in June 2020 after a year as CEO of Citibank, N.A., which accounts for approximately 75 percent of Citi's total assets, comprising business activities in 95 countries and territories including the United States. In that role, Mary also led project management of significant Citi-wide remediation initiatives.


Prior to that position, Mary was Citi's Chief Auditor, responsible for the Internal Audit function, which included providing an independent assessment of the governance, risk management and control environment. In this capacity, she partnered with senior management and Board members, in particular the Audit Committee members, to identify current and emerging risks, ensuring the safety and soundness of the organization.


Before becoming Chief Auditor, Mary held multiple leadership roles across the organization. Most notably, she led the Global Transformation initiative within Internal Audit and was the Chief Auditor, Global Consumer Bank, and interim Chief Auditor, Institutional Clients Group. Additionally, she was the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for Citi Latin America & Mexico, responsible for the design and delivery of strategic initiatives transforming risk governance frameworks and controls across the region to achieve optimal results.


Before joining Citi in 2012, Mary was the Managing Director for Change at Lloyds Banking Group, one of the largest consumer banks in the U.K. In this role, she led a key part of the largest data migration in Europe, involving the transformation of 63 million customer records. Before Lloyds, Mary was a key member of the Internal Audit Leadership team at Barclays and JPMorgan.


Throughout her career, she has focused on process re-engineering within the risk and control functions while delivering complex, global initiatives that have positively transformed organizations. Her vast international experience within the financial services industry, including financial products, investment banking and consumer businesses, has allowed her to drive significant improvements across markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, London, Latin America and the United States.