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  • NJEP's mission is to educate justice system professionals to dispel the harmful and persistent stereotypes about both sexes--women and girls and men and boys--that can undermine fairness and skew outcomes in civil, criminal, family and juvenile law cases.
  • NJEP has a special focus on cases involving adult victims of sexual assault and the inersection of sexual assault and domestic violence.


  • The fair adjudication of sexual assault cases (link)
  • The intersection of sexual assault and domestic violence (link)
  • Gender bias in the courts (link)
    • NJEP defines gender bias as having three aspects:
      • Stereotyped thinking about the nature and roles of women and men
      • Devaluing what is perceived as "woman's work"
      • Lack of knowledge of the social and economic realities of women’s and men’s lives


  • NJEP uses three primary methods to effectuate its advocacy: education, (link) publications, (link) and supporting the task forces on gender bias in the courts. (link)