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Testimonials from the Rights Now! Class of 2021

From Hira:

“Rights Now, the program is the best place to build professional experience. We discuss difficult issues like gender-based discrimination, healthy relationships, sexual and domestic violence and many other issues that affect us in everyday life. I felt encouraged by both my peers and boss to speak up if I had anything to add or did not like. I was never shut down or dismissed. I very much enjoyed the environment we had created.”

From Jasmine:

“Rights Now! has been one of the most formative experiences of my life. It has given me the truly unique experience of being able to learn and grow from a diverse group of students and professionals while giving back to the community in a meaningful and important way. The skills and lessons I have learned during the program are invaluable and I know no matter what I do or where I am in life, what I learned will continue to empower me. I truly cannot recommend this program enough.”

From Shani:

“I'm glad I was a part of the Rights Now! Program because it was a wonderful opportunity. You will learn a lot about the rights that everyone has in the workplace and on school grounds during the trainings. You will learn more about your peers' experiences and educate them through the workshops you host. In the leadership development workshops, you will learn more about financial justice, maternal healthcare, accountable language, and other topics that will educate you and improve your skills. Overall, it's a fantastic opportunity that you should take advantage of.”