's "shutdown" does not protect children

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January 10, 2017

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Jean Gazis

212-413-7558’s Publicity Stunt Before Senate Hearing Will Not Curb or End Online Child Sex Trafficking

Last night, just hours after the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations issued a damning report, the operators of abruptly shut down its “adult” section in the United States, disingenuously posting "CENSORED" in big red letters on the site and claiming that "the government has unconstitutionally censored this content." In fact, and its principals also face criminal charges in California for money laundering and conspiracy to commit pimping. The Senate's report links to child sex trafficking and cites clear evidence of wrongdoing.

We are sorry to report that's empty gesture does nothing to protect children. A quick review indicates that the ads selling sex were moved to the "dating" section of its website. still operates worldwide, with a $9 million monthly profit from sex ads—including ads that sell children. The owners and operators of are facing growing pressure to end its child trafficking from a wide range of government and private entities, including Legal Momentum and our counsel David Boies, of the law firm Boies, Schiller and Flexner.

At today's U.S. Senate hearing investigating,'s officers and counsel refused to answer even basic questions, pleading the Fifth Amendment. The Senate reviewed more than one million documents in investigating's operations and stated that there is evidence in its report that will enable law enforcement entities and lawyers around the country to hold accountable.’s misleading claims of censorship are merely a smokescreen. The real issue is about an online marketplace that facilitates enslavement of children. Legal Momentum will continue to work aggressively with its public and private partners to end the local and global commercial sexual exploitation of children online. We will not rest until all kids are safe!

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