Legal Momentum Urges President Obama to Tell Congress "No” on More SNAP Cuts

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December 10, 2013

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Legal Momentum called on President Obama today to veto any farm bill containing additional cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.  “Enough is enough,” said Elizabeth L. Grayer, Legal Momentum’s President.  “Between the $400 million worth of annual cuts to SNAP in the Senate bill that passed last summer, and the additional $5 billion cut in the current fiscal year alone that took effect automatically last month, working people are already giving much more than their fair share.”

Legal Momentum was on hand for the President’s speech last week and was heartened to hear him expressing concern about the growing inequity gap in this country.  But even as he spoke, further cuts were being discussed by the farm bill conferees.  “We hope, particularly in this holiday season, that the President will take on the difficult task of ensuring that as working Americans struggle to find or stay on their route to the middle class, they are not skipping meals so their children can eat, or running out of assistance long before the month ends.  It is critical that he signal to the Congress now that further cuts are unacceptable,” Grayer said.  SNAP has performed a crucial role in the economic recovery, providing vital support to children, families, the elderly and veterans.  It cannot continue to play the significant safety net role that it has, if it is decimated by further cuts. 

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