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The Application to become a 2020 Rights Now! Peer Educator is now closed.

Testimonials from the Rights Now! Class of 2020

From Amira:

"Being a Rights Now! peer educator pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I am extremely glad I stuck with it despite the many times I doubted myself and my ability to relay the information from the modules. This program was definitely the challenge I needed because I see myself wanting to continue educating the youth about their rights."

From hira:

"The Rights Now! program is the best place to build professional experience. We discuss difficult issues like gender-based discrimination, healthy relationships, sexual and domestic violence and many other issues that affect us in everyday life. I felt encouraged by both my peers and the program leader to speak up if I had anything to add or did not like. I was never shut down or dismissed. I very much enjoyed the environment we had created."

From sarah:

"The Rights Now! program was a great program for me to learn more about gender issues. It is definitely one of the most informative and welcoming programs I have ever done. This program allowed me to be well-versed on multiple issues like teen dating, sexual and domestic violence, and cyberbullying. Before the program , I was unsure of whether I wanted to pursue a career in human rights, but now I know that I definitely want to include human rights as a future interest! I learned more about my public speaking skills and my voice in group discussions, and I even got to present to the NYC Commission on Human Rights."

From Mars:

"My experience with the Rights Now! program was definitely life changing. It helped me expand my view on the world and helped me educate myself when it came to the law. After completing the program, I am able to explain concepts around gender-based discrimination, that once seemed so complicated to me, to others. I am so grateful to have been able to learn both from both my peers and the program leader and hosts."