Assistance and Support for Victims

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  • Resource, referral, and networking organization that seeks to help victims and survivors of exploitation by psychotherapists and other healthcare providers find the support and resources they will need to understand what has happened to them, take action, and heal.  Email for referrals, support, and other assistance; emails are generally answered within 72 hours by trained volunteers.
  • Faith-based organization that focuses both on healing the individual victim and the institution. Information about therapists, lawyers and legislative decisions regarding the sexual abuse of minors available on website. Also connects people with local activist groups and healing liturgies.
  • Aims to raise awareness about sexual misconduct in schools, encourage victims to report incidents and help them recover. Information about contacting local and national legislators, reporting abuse and Title IX in elementary schools is available on website. Also provides legal referrals.
  • 24-hour hotline staffed by trained counselors to provide support referrals to local organizations that help crime victims, including victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Also does public policy work to promote victims’ rights, provides technical assistance to advocates and community programs.
  • An important resource and advocacy organization for crime victims, including victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Affiliated with the National Crime Victims Bar Association. Helps with protective orders and creating safety plans.
  • Their 'Face to Face: National Domestic Violence Program' provides free reconstructive surgery to domestic violence victims who have scars or injuries of the face, head, or neck due to domestic violence. Works with women’s shelters and other domestic violence programs to ensure both physical and emotional healing.
  • Through their 'Give Back a Smile' program, AACD members provide free dentistry to help survivors of domestic violence who have damaged or lost teeth due to domestic violence. Call toll-free number to apply for services.
  • Nonprofit organization providing information and resources to promote awareness and understanding of the issues involved in sexual assault and other abuse by helping professionals, including doctors, therapists, teachers, and clergy. Website has database of attorneys who specialize in practitioner abuse, links to resources, forums, and other helpful information.
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