Communities of Color

If you are being watched, leave now!

  • Provides training and technical assistance to American Indian and Alaskan Native communities in order to eliminate violence in the lives of women and their children. Works with villages, reservations, rancherias and pueblos across the United States to improve the justice system, law enforcement, and service provider response to the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Native communities.
  • Community education and development, public policy, research, training and technical assistance to professionals and advocates working to address violence against women in Latino communities.
  • Addresses all forms of family violence in the African-American Community. Works in coalition with communities, legal system, activists, and policymakers to end violence in black families.
  • Based in New England, the mission of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence is to eliminate family violence and to strengthen Asian families and communities. Many of their brochures are available in Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, and Vietnamese.
  • A national network of advocates, professionals, and others working to end violence against women in Asian communities.
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