Court Watching

  • Grass-roots organization affiliated with South Palm Beach NOW chapter; dedicated to improving the family court system and to prevent future injustices against children, women and families. Runs CourtWatch Program, promotes awareness of the problems, advocates to change legislation and to hold the judges, lawyers, guardians-ad-litem and psychologists accountable for their actions. Website has suggestions for pro se litigants.
  • Volunteer-based court monitoring & research organization that follows cases of family and sexual violence in the courts and provides feedback about persistent injustices. Works to improve justice system’s response to cases of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Can provide technical assistance and guidance to other programs and provides start-up manual for interested callers. Has list of national grassroots courtwatching groups and organization.
  • Organization based in Michigan; focuses in particular on cases in the family court system where domestic violence has been a factor.