A Response to "The Undetected Rapist" (DVD)

If you are being watched, leave now!

23-minute DVD produced by IMPACT Personal Safety in conjunction with the National Judicial Education Program (NJEP)

Produced by Impact Personal Safety in conjunction with the National Judicial Education Program, this DVD was created for use as a training tool for high school seniors but is appropriate for multidisciplinary use as well. Part one is The Undetected Rapist and part two is the discussions of men and women of various ages and backgrounds responding to The Undetected Rapist. The responders first discuss NJEP's video in single-sex groups, then together. 

The first part is NJEP's DVDThe Undetected Rapist in which a male college student describes how he planned and executed the rape of a female college student at his fraternity to Dr. David Lisak, University of Massachusetts, Boston.  This is followed by three focus groups reacting to the video: one group is all women of diverse ages and backgrounds, the second group is all men of diverse ages and backgrounds, and the third group is these women and men meeting together.  The responses from these focus groups provide a powerful catalyst for discussion.

This video may be highly disturbing for many viewers and should be shown with a skilled discussion leader knowledgeable about sexual violence.


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