gender equity

If you are being watched, leave now!

  • This opinion piece by Legal Momentum's Executive Vice President and Legal Director, Penny M. Venetis, calls for FIFA to include an end to gender bias in much-needed reforms.
  • High-ranking officials of FIFA, the governing body of international soccer, have been indicted for corruption. FIFA's illegal activities don't stop there, however. Rampant gender bias exists at every level of FIFA, from the top down. This multi-billion dollar powerhouse deliberately excludes and discriminates against women. It's time for that to end.
  • This presentation to the 2014 National Academy Foundation Annual Conference explores the importance of centering gender equity in work-based learning.
  • Educators across the nation continue to witness the problem of gender disparity in programs/coursework that focus on construction, engineering, computers, science, technology, and math. Many educators continue to justify the status quo by arguing that girls do not have a natural or instinctive desire to participate in technical careers. The idea that a particular career is “too masculine” or is considered for “boys only,”  cannot and should not prevent schools from recruiting girls to these programs.
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