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  • NEW YORK, Oct 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The torrent of stories of sexual harassment and assault in the wake of claims about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein could help propel campaigns to make sextortion illegal, according to activists trying to change laws in the United States.

    Sextortion - a form of extortion that involves sexual acts or images as its currency - is not recognized by criminal laws in many U.S. states and victims often have little or no recourse, experts say.

  • She lives with her mother and two young children in a one-bedroom apartment, working odd and demanding hours at minimum wage, barely making ends meet. Now that her mother is ill and can no longer help her care for her children, she must leave her job and move her family into a shelter.

  • The endless revelations of high-profile sexual harassment scandals (in politics, tech, media, Hollywood, etc.) are inescapable reminders of what people already know: sexual harassment in the workplace is endemic across industries of all types. Perpetrators and victims of workplace harassment include both men and women, however women are disproportionately targeted.

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    More than ten years ago, federal appellate judge Damon J. Keith cautioned that “[d]emocracies die behind closed doors.” This warning takes on renewed relevance in light of the current administration’s pervasive campaign to dismantle critical transparency measures. These measures include the collection of important data to identify and combat gender disparities in pay and lending.

  •  This morning, the U.S. Department of Education withdrew its 2011 guidance on responding to sexual violence in schools and replaced it with interim guidance that is less protective for survivors. It is especially troubling that this new guidance was issued just days after the Department of Education received thousands of comments urging it to uphold the 2011 guidance and its protections for student victims of sexual violence.

  • Sexual assault is prevalent in schools—both on college campuses and in K-12 schools. Here are 10 things that all students and parents should know as the school year begins:

  • Legal Momentum's Staff Attorney Caitlin McCartney-Gerber appeared on CTV's Your Morning show on Thursday, September 14, 2017, to talk about how shelters can prevent sexual violence in the wake of natural disasters.

    "After a natural disaster, an evacuation centre can mean women and children are exposed to another danger: sexual violence

    After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, dozens of women, and several men, reported sexual assaults at crowded evacuation sites and shelters. But at least one legal expert says much that can be done to prevent these attacks.

  • Legal Momentum Tells CTV Your Morning How Shelters Can Prevent Sexual Violence in the Wake of Natural Disasters 

    Legal Momentum Staff Attorney Caitlin McCartney-Gerber was invited to appear on CTV’s Your Morning news show on Thursday, September 14, to explain how shelters can prevent sexual violence in the wake of natural disasters.

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