Annual Report

Annual Report

  • It’s a simple proposition. Women’s civil rights and our right to full participation in society are not political issues, and they’re not negotiable. In the face of a rising tide of conservative reaction, much of our work this past year has been holding fast to those rights, won — many by NOW Legal Defense — over the past four decades. One of the major threats we are facing is an expanding litigation challenge to our federally guaranteed civil rights, a campaign in which the conservative faction in our society is deeply engaged.

  • The year 2011 was a time of exciting transitions for Legal Momentum. Thanks to the generous support of our deeply valued donors, our precedent-setting litigation, expert policy advocacy, and innovative public education programs continued to shape the course and enforcement of federal laws designed to improve the economic security and personal safety of women and girls across the country.

  • Thirty years ago a group of women made the remarkable decision to create a legal arm for the women’s movement. Their goals were wonderfully immodest, and intensely important.

  • As Legal Momentum celebrates its 40th Anniversary, our nation continues to reel from the worst economic recession in decades. Legal Momentum certainly has not been shielded from the effects of the economic turmoil, yet our work remains just as important—if not more important—than ever before.

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