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For over fifty years, we have educated the public on all aspects of gender equality across all platforms.  From CEO Carol Baldwin Moody noting reauthorization hurdles on VAWA's 25th Anniversary in the New York Times, to former Legal Director Jennifer Becker sharing the challenges of the Weinstein trial jury selection in Mother Jones to former-CSO Siobhan "Sam" Bennett exploring recent action to limit women's legal reproductive freedoms on PBS' To The Contrary—Legal Momentum is at the national forefront.  

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testimonial From Judy, SYms | Legal Momentum Helpline Caller

Another helpline "wasn't able to help me but Legal Momentum—a really great organization—has. Props to organizations who make a real difference. Courage and action." 

Dallas, TX | March 2020 

LM in Action Series

Informing our broad range of national supporters of the ongoing legal, programmatic and communications work of our exceptional lawyers and staff while also providing insight into our rich history of impact - LM in Action is our national email series. Explore the LM in Action archives.

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Elevating Women

Raising awareness of the critical importance of gender equality in the business and law community is accomplished through our signature national awards program Aiming High and regional awards program Women of Achievement - annually recognizing outstanding champions of women, girls, and the men who support forward progress within the gender equality landscape. We thank you in advance. Your investment is what makes our work possible. 

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