COVID-19 Resources

If you are being watched, leave now!

Women workers need support now more than ever.

The current COVID-19 crisis has raised numerous legal and policy challenges around worker safety, economic stability, and healthcare access, and has made us all the more aware that women workers continue to experience devastating gender and racial wage discrimation. Many of the issues at the forefront of this crisis highlight inequities in our society, with women, people of color, immigrant communities, and low-income people suffering acutely. The issues we see so prominently in the face of today's public health and economic crisis are not new or surprising—we have been working towards eradicating these inequities for half a century.

A Letter from Our CEO During the COVID Crisis

COVID-19 Policy Brief

Eradicating Longstanding Disparities: A Gender Equality Agenda for Lawmakers for the Post-COVID-19 World is a policy brief building on 50 years of our work tackling gender inequity. It identifies policy priorities for governments and recommends measures to shape a short-term response to the gendered impact of the pandemic and to facilitate a long-term transformative agenda for inclusive gender equality.

View our Policy Brief Here

Legal Rights and Economic Resources for Workers Impacted by COVID-19

To help women and all other workers and their families navigate challenges and financial hardships caused by the COVID-19, we have compiled a guide to legal rights and economic resources made available to all at NO COST. These resources provide an overview of potential legal protections, benefits, and resources that workers should know about while weathering this crisis. 

National COVID-19 Resource

New York State Specific Covid-19 Resource

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New York State Legal Toolkit for Women's Economic Equality

This comprehensive Toolkit provides general guidance to women and advocates in New York State on 13 core issues that relate to women’s economic equality, including ways to assert those rights.

New York State Legal Toolkit

LM in Action National Broadcast Emails

LM In Action: Domestic Violence and COVID-19

LM in Action: Assisting Women Workers During COVID-19

LM in Action: Paid Sick/Family Leave & COVID-19

LM in Action: Equal Pay & COVID-19

SYMS | Legal Momentum Helpline

Our helpline remains available to provide legal information and referrals on issues related to sex discrimination in the workplace, home, school and the courts.