50th Anniversary

If you are being watched, leave now!

How Far We've Come.  How Far We've Yet to Go. 

As we approach the milestone of our 50th Anniversary, we are commited to educating and communicating all that we have accomplished and the work that remains to be done. Our story is the story of gender equaltiy in our nation—a story that we are committed to adding many more chapters. We are also focused on dramatically increasing accessibility to our considerable resources for all women and those that support them - empowering them to assist themselves and others.

 a letter from our Ceo on our 50th Anniversary

Insight from our first ten years - and now 50th anniversary 

"Our story never really ends. Betty Friedan, the woman who brought us together, sat on our board for many years helping us with her vision and insight. As new leaders emerge, new projects and ideas keep us at the forefront of the struggle for equality... the dedication and spirt of the women and men who founded our organization lives on."

NOW Salutes LEGAL MOMENTUM (NOW LEDF) | national NOW times | june 1981


Aiming High in New York City 2021

We are looking forward to the celebration of our 50th Anniversary protecting the physical and economic security of our nation's women and girls - at our signature national awards and educational program Aiming High in New York City 2021.  Please plan on joining us virtually or in person for this important educational awards program honoring those who champion women and girls. More details to come.


50th Anniversary Legal Momentum Equality Series

50th Anniversary LM Equality Series is a series of educational panels held across the country at our nation's law schools - to introduce our work to the newest generation of future women lawyers. 

Over the next several years, panels will be organized featuring some of the nation's most prominent women leaders. The inagural panel for our LM Equality Series was held at Stanford University Law School. Please come back to learn of the additional law schools where we will be featuring our 50th Anniversary Legal Momentum Equality Series panels.

Read more in the Stanford Daily about our inaugural panel


LM in Action weekly newsletter series

LM in Action Series shares the day to day work of our passionate, gifted and dedicated legal team while educating on the key legal and programmatic milestones we've achieved over the past fifty years. This series includes LM in Action, LM in History, and LM Elevating Women

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Raising National Awareness

Our longstanding helpline renamed Syms | Legal Momentum Helpline

Long a vitally important tool to assist women when experiencing inequality or sex discrimination at work, school or home the SYMS | Legal Momentum Helpline has also been a key means for our legal team to be at the forefront in addressing gender equality and challenges to women's physical and economic security as they are unfolding in our society.

Thanks to the vision of Marcy Syms, chair of the Women's Equality Fund and the Sy Syms Foundation, we have embarked on a broad national awareness campaign Protecting Women's and Girls' Rights Begins with the Law to ensure as many women and girls know of this no cost resource to assist and empower them - and its early outcomes include the reestablishment of our historic relationship with NOW.