Legal Momentum 50th Anniversary Equality Series

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50th Anniversary LM Equality Series is a series of educational panels held across the country at our nation's law schools - to introduce our work to the newest generation of future women lawyers. Over the next several years, panels will be organized featuring some of the nation's most prominent women leaders.  Please come back to learn of the additional law schools where we will be featuring our 50th Anniversary Legal Momentum Equality Series panels.

Stanford University Law School | President's Day February 17, 2020

Our inaugural LM Equality Series Panel was held at Stanford University on President's Day 2020.  Titled  #MeToo: Why Now? What's Next? it was held in a record breaking presidental year with a historic number of women running for president and looked at the state of play for U.S. women across politics, business, education, and the law.


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Celinda Lake

President, Lake research partners

Deborah Rhode

Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law and Director, Center on the Legal Profession, Stanford University

Lynn Hecht Schafran

Legal Director and Director, National Judicial Education Program, Legal Momentum 

Carol Baldwin Moody

President/CEO, Legal Momentum