A Letter from our CEO on our 50th Anniversary

If you are being watched, leave now!

Dear Friends,


We are proud to bring to you this re-designed website after over a year of hard work by all our team—a powerful new resource for the women and girls of our nation. In these COVID-19 times, with women the majority at the front lines of this pandemic, this resource comes at a deeply needed time.


Our 50 years of unwavering championship to gender equality—with all our legal action, programs and resources—are now fully searchable and easily accessible across all computers, smart phones, tablets and other devices to benefit all women and girls in our nation.


We began this work on LegalMomentum.org with our 50th Anniversary in mind—highlighting the exceptional ongoing trailblazing work of our team with a theme of LM in Action.  Featuring photos of our team as they do their day to day work on behalf of the women and girls of our nation—we sought to not only bring to you our current innovative programs and resources but also our historic groundbreaking work over the past 50 years.


As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, our team immediately responded, with urgently needed resources for all women such as our National and NY State based COVID-19 Resources Guide.  And now, after all these months of teamwork, our redesigned, searchable and accessible website couldn’t be coming at a better time—poised to assist our nation’s women and girls in their great hour of need. 


Please take time to explore all the facets of this powerful new resource being launched at this moment of challenge in our nation’s history, making our 50 years of contributions to gender equality and our many resources available to all.


Deepest thanks for your many years of support—we could not do this work without you. Protecting Women’s and Girls’ Rights Begins with the Law. 




Carol Baldwin Moody

President and CEO Legal Momentum